A Very Special Day

8th November 2018

Every now and then you are privileged to support a really amazing project. A project that requires a totally bespoke solution that needs to deliver a very special result. This Autumn Brand Workshop was called upon to do just that.

Barnet Group is a local authority trading company. Its team and companies manage the Borough’s 15,000 council homes on behalf of Barnet Council. They work tirelessly to prevent homelessness, allocate homes to social housing applicants and provide services to adults with learning and physical disabilities.

The whole team gathered for a very special day where they collaborated to create their shared values. Brand Workshop structured and facilitated a special workshop which incorporated real-time voting technology to ensure that the outcome was truly owned by everyone in the room.

That outcome is best described in the words of our very pleased client…….

“Brand Workshop delivered, over and above our expectations on every count. We needed expert help to develop an entirely fresh and jargon-free set of core values for The Barnet Group under its new CEO. Mike and Chris came up to our offices in North London on the hottest day of the summer to be interrogated by the group running the staff conference, where the new values would be developed. Their resilience and patience were impressive. Their preparation for the conference was meticulous. On the day itself, they were brilliant. Their voting system enabled 331 disparate members of staff from right across the Group to reach consensus on an original new promise and set of 3 authentic values. Feedback was the best we’ve ever received. Mike’s easy yet commanding style guided our staff through the process, and made it fun as well as ensuring people felt the promise and values truly were their creations. Intelligent. Original. A pleasure to work with. We all feel lucky we discovered Brand Workshop.”

Mary Cawley, Head of PR and Communications, The Barnet Group.