Create and Live Authentic Values as a Team

Your totally bespoke values workshop session brings your entire team together to discover the genuine, authentic soul of your brand and helps you explore, analyse and achieve consensus on your core values.

From 5 people to 500, our research-driven values workshop process gives everyone a voice in creating the values they truly value, by using the latest tech and cutting-edge team coaching approaches:

  • Ignite your purpose in an authentic way, defining the essence and values at the core of your brand and your organisation;
  • Spark the imaginations of your entire team, through developing a powerful and deliverable shared vision;
  • Illuminate your irresistible points of difference.


Bringing your Brand to Life in Every Way, Every Day

A brand is built at every single touchpoint. We work across the entire organisation to support each and every team member to connect to the brand and deliver its promise, day in and day out:

Inform (Know It) – Using surveys and internal campaigns we will bring the brand to everyone and start to gain both their attention and passion. 

Engage (Believe It) – Through an internal roadshow we allow everyone the opportunity to explore how they can play their part in bringing the brand alive.   

Align (Live It) – We take all of our learning in the Inform and Engage stages to support the management team in creating frameworks to support alignment to the new values and behaviours, for example via recruitment, induction, performance management, training and recognition.

To bring your brand to life through developing brand ambassadors, contact Brand Workshop on +44 (0)20 7464 4402 or email us at