Brand Workshop

Our tried and tested one day Brand Workshop process helps businesses create brands that form a shared and strongly differentiated vision, in an actionable framework.

As part of the process, we guide senior management teams in developing and articulating their brand’s purpose, proposition and personality. Plus, we help map out the practical details of how the brand can be a unifying force that drives every area of the business. All future communications will cascade from this important session, enabling a compelling, coherent and consistent approach to market.

The Brand Workshop will:

  • Ignite your business purpose, defining the essence at the core of your brand and business
  • Spark the imaginations of your senior team through a powerful and deliverable shared vision
  • Illuminate your firm’s irresistible points of difference
  • Create an elevator pitch that enables your unique value propositions to shine
  • Deliver a marketing action plan that spreads your messages like wildfire.

During a one-day Brand Workshop, we will fully explore with you the 8 following crucial brand-building foundational elements:


Step 1 – Brand Essence

The brand’s promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded term. For example, Volvo is ‘safety’, Harley Davidson is ‘liberating’, Disney is ‘magical’. The most powerful brand essences are rooted in a distinctive and valued experience.


Step 2 – Brand Pillars

Supporting brand characteristics that serve as the foundation to sustain and fortify the brand.


Step 3 – Unique Value Propositions

Specific, clearly defined and deliverable actions that create customer value aligned to and supporting the Brand Essence.


 Step 4 – Brand Vocabulary

The carefully chosen words we use to convey brand messages with maximum empathy and impact. It is vital that in a crowded market, we avoid the stock ‘vanilla’ phrases of the industry and seek to stand out, by standing for something.


Step 5 – Tone of Voice

The manner and approach by which the brand speaks to its audiences.


Step 6 – Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief, prepared statement that defines a product, service or the value of an organisation in as little as a minute. Each individual within the organisation should be able to relate the value proposition to his or her own role and departmental area of focus.


Step 7 – Validation

The questioning phase, where the proposition is challenged and assessed against the 4Rs of a balanced brand: Relevant, Remarkable, Reputational and Real.


Step 8 – M.A.P.

An outline Marketing Action Plan is discussed, looking at the broad practical next steps needed for a brand launch/re-launch and ongoing communications to its key stakeholders.

 Within 24 hours of the workshop, the knowledge and conclusions are compiled into a formal document to use as a foundation for building your brand. The Brand Roadmap is an encapsulation of the actionable insights uncovered during the workshop, distilled into a narrative that captures the essence of your brand. It’s also a living document, so it can evolve with your brand.

“As a transaction house we were focusing on larger deals and we felt our old brand although professional was too lifestyle small company orientated, but where do you start? A Brand Workshop. They very quickly understood our business and got right under our skin, creating clarity around what we should aim at, not just look and feel, but values. As a result, we developed an exciting brand that repositioned our practice dramatically and effectively. This has been great in attracting new customers but also helped us get clearer on how we help clients, which has increased conversion rate. Go for it – these guys know their stuff.”

 Kevin Uphill, Corporate Director, Avondale Group Limited

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