The 5th R – ‘Resilience’

30th January 2019

In my book, ‘Light Your Firebrand’, I talk about the 4Rs model to highlight four distinct, and ideally balanced attributes that are shared by all world-class brands in the hearts and minds of their customers.

This model is not only a powerful starting point to propel your business, it is the basis for managing your brand effectively and with greater clarity over the long term.

As such, it forms an integral part of the validation process for all of our Brand Workshops:


The appropriateness of brand ‘fit’ to customer / stakeholder wants and needs.


The distinguishing nature / uniqueness of the brand in the context of customer perception.


The level of trust, respect and esteem gained by a relationship with the brand.


The degree of emotional involvement and depth of engagement with the brand.

There is potentially a 5th R, a quality which can only be truly measured with an existing brand (with the benefit of hindsight), but which can still be given due consideration within the brand ideation / validation process, one which is particularly pertinent to our times:


The ability for a brand to stand the test of time and remain strong in challenging conditions.

If you are looking to gain real clarity of purpose in 2019, book your Brand Workshop and unlock your advantage.